Creating Personal Brand Imagery


Personal branding is infusing yourself into your brand to show your client who you are both in your business and outside of business hours.

If you’re business is largely built on who you are (which is usually true for those in service based industries). Or if you work closely with clients in a one-on-one capacity, then it makes sense to infuse yourself into your brand imagery.

In these cases purchasing from you means spending time with you, so  your clients are going to base their decisions not only on the service you are offering but also on if your personality is a match for them.



The number one most simple way to let potential clients get to know you is by putting a photo of yourself on your website. If you are angling for a personal brand you want to avoid a bland or corporate looking headshot and go for something more relaxed which ensures your personality shines through.

Some tips on creating great headshots are:

  • high-quality photograph (ideally taken by a photographer)

  • Look like you! Wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and that reflects your style

  • Pick the right backdrop. If you’re an outdoorsy person then take your photo outside. If you’re a designer, take the photo in your creative space.

  • Make sure that the background and your surroundings are not too cluttered and distracting

  • look natural. You don’t have to have corporate smile or pose. You can be laughing or smirking. Your can also be in a less conventional position, for example you can sit on the floor or couch. Be comfortable in your body and your headshot will look a lot more natural.

Personal branding


Tell your story. Telling your brand story is such an essential part of creating a personal brand. To animate your brand story and add power and impact it’s a great idea to create some supporting images. These are often candid documentary style photographs of you in action, working with clients, creating your product, and delivering your service.

Some ideas;

  • If you are a maker, get some images of you in the workshop creating

  • If you have a supportive spouse or family, images or you with your family

  • If you work one on one with clients, images of you connecting with a client

These images can add so much depth to your brand story. It gives your story context and gives that extra information about your environment and your style which all feeds into understanding of who you are.

Personal branding photography
Personal Branding Photography


Open up and share your life (this one is the most scary for me and I’m sure many others). There was once a time when business was not personal but with the arrival of social media that time is definitely over.

These days brands need to be personal. Customers want know the people behind the brands they follow and social media is a powerful tool for this.

With instagram and facebook you can share things that will help you to share your world with your followers. You can balance your social media with posts about your business, your work and your products with glimpses into your work spaces, your hobbies, your favourite places and people.

Personal Branding Photography

Images in this post feature @chloe_mccreedy of Sass me