What happens if it rains?

Overcast days do not always spell disaster for a photo shoot. In fact, an overcast sky can often produce even more flattering lighting than a clear blue day. However, if it is raining heavily we may have to reschedule your shoot. I will get in touch the day prior to your shoot to confirm and discuss any weather considerations.  

Where are the shoot locations?

All photography sessions take place on location. This can be a place which is meaningful to you, for example your home, studio or your favourite beach or reserve. If you are unsure of where to have your photo session, I am always happy to suggest any number of my favourite locations that will make a stunning backdrop for your images.

What time of day will the session take place?

Because I work on location, light and time of day is SUPER important. So sessions generally take place at either sunrise or sunset depending on the location. 

What is the best time for a maternity session? 

Maternity photography sessions can be scheduled at any stage of your pregnancy, but I recommend between 34-37 weeks. At this stage you will have a nice big bump but it's not too close to your due date. 

What is the best time for a newborn session? 

It really comes down to what stage of their new little lives are you wanting to capture. If you are wanting to document how tiny and new they are, then the ideal age for them is anywhere between 1-4 weeks of age. If you wish to record more awake expressive shots, then I find from around 6 weeks onwards is ideal for that result. 

How do I book and pay for my shoot? 

Once you have picked your date and location I will send you an invoice. To secure your date, a non refundable 20% deposit is required. Until a deposit is paid, the date remains free for any other enquires. Full payment will be due before your photo shoot.

What if I need to cancel? 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your photo session thats OK. I will require one week notice. Less than one week notice will result in a cancellation fee of 50%.

What should I wear? 

That is totally up to you! My advice is to wear something that you feel comfortable in. 

You are welcome to bring a change of outfit so that you have two different looks in your photo session. Please note though, that usually outfit changes will happen outdoors, and will need to happen quickly so we don't waste the golden hour light!

If you are booking a maternity photography session, you might like to check out Mama Rentals who offer an amazing collection of maternity dresses for hire at a discount for my clients.

You don't need to wear a lot of make up. You are already beautiful, so lets rock the natural look! If you would like to wear make up, a little bit of make up around the eyes comes up well on camera. 

When & how will I get my pictures? 

After the shoot there is a little more work to be done behind the scenes. I try and get this done as quickly as possible for you. It usually takes between two and four weeks (depending on the time of year).

Once your photos are ready I will send you a link and password for your own private viewing gallery where you can view and download your images. 

Can we customise our portrait photography package? 

My packages have been carefully put together to ensure that you receive plenty of choice in your gallery. It isn't possible to decrease our time together or number of images in your package. 

That said, often there will be more than 50 beautiful images created in our time together. I'm happy to share these additional images with you with the option to add extra images to your collection for an additional fee.

Can I share my pictures online? 

Absolutely! Once you receive your photos they are yours to do with as you wish. If you are using your images for promotion of your business photo credits where possible, are very much appreciated. 

I would love it if you share them with your friends and family and, if you loved your shoot please do recommend me! 

How will I receive my images? 

I believe that photo memories are meant to be shared and preserved. In this digital age it is not the preference of everyone to have their images printed and created into an album. For this reason I use photo software to delivery you a high quality digital image album following your session. 

Can you help me have my images printed and framed?

Absolutely! Should you wish to have your album created into a stylish book, box framed print I can arrange this for you using locally sourced, premium quality materials and environmentally-friendly papers. Get in touch to discuss this with me!