Having professional product images with a consistent style, goes a long way in building a brand identity and launching a successful online business. Below are the types of product photography I can create for you: 


Classic Product images

Simple, professional, high quality shots of your product. Products are displayed against a clean seamless backdrop. Products can be displayed either on their own or accompanied by some simple props.

This style of image is minimalist and its purpose is to showcase your products in details without any distractions. Classic product shots are commonly used in online stores and catalogues.

look book images (STYLEd Shots)

Styled product photography helps to convey your brands vibe and story through the careful selection of a backdrop and props.

Styled product photography is commonly used on websites, look-books and on social media.

Mood images

Mood images speak to your brands vibe. These images reinforce the colour pallet, textures and personality of your brand. 

Mood images create great backdrops on websites and print materials. 


Video is a great way to capture attention on websites and social media. My Kindred can animate your products in short stop motion videos and GIFs

Collections + PACKAGES

I offer packages which include a selection of the above product photography styles. All your images will work in harmony to create a beautiful and recognisable brand with a story to tell.


How to book

Got questions? read more about investment and the process over on the FAQs page. Or get in touch to chat about your unique needs and get a quote